Tree & Shrub Care

Tree and Shrub Care
Our tree and shrub care program is based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management.  IPM is a combination of observations, treatments and procedures to limit or reduce the impacts of a pest on a certain environment.

TM Environmental Services will first come out to your property and walk through your landscape and identify potential problems located on your trees and shrubs.  Once a pest or problem is identified various treatments can be provided to reduce or eliminate pests.  These treatments are as follows:

  • Foliar insect sprays
  • Foliar disease sprays
  • Systemic insecticides
  • Systemic fungicides

Once the problem is reduced to a tolerable or acceptable level, we will help you maintain the pest population.  We will educate you on how to identify the problem and what steps can be taken to keep the pest at bay.  Our service is very interactive and if at any point you have further questions, we make free service calls to answer all questions.

If the problem is related to watering, we can give recommendations to water requirements for various tree and shrub species.

Lastly, as part of our full landscape maintenance service, we provide pruning and shaping of all shrubs and small trees to keep your landscape looking exactly how you want it.